Expand or Move your business to Canada

Expand, move or open a new location

If you no longer have the physical space to accommodate your growing business, or if you are looking to access a location with superior business potential, you may need to expand your premises or move to a new location.
Whether you are based in your home or in a commercial location, undertaking a construction project or a move is no small feat, and can have repercussions for your business. Will the short-term inconvenience of construction benefit you and your customers in the long run? Will your current customers follow you to a new location? Is the risk worth taking, if you can gain new customers? In the end, doing what is best for your business is what counts.
Constructing your own commercial building? 12 tips to build wisely
From building permits to choosing contractors and resolving conflicts, you can find out key issues pertaining to constructing a new building.
Choosing a commercial building
Find out how to choose the right commercial building for your business.
Moving checklist and handbook
Changing locations? Find movers and get tips to help you carry out a smooth move.
Renting a space
Know the key factors to consider before renting a space.
Store location
Know what to consider when deciding where to set up your business.

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